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First year in the cleaning business


2 and a bit years into the cleaning business


5 plus years in the cleaning business


About the owner

Jake Ali

Owner and founder of JJ Cleaning Services

I am Jake Ali the owner, designer and creator of JJ Cleaning Services. Having an obsession with helping people cleaning.  This is why JJ Cleaning Services was created to help many, people alongside a real need for a professional cleaning services in Birmingham.

Our aim is to bring a professional services at a cheap reliable prices. Giving TLC to peoples properties that need it.

At JJ Cleaning Services we concentrate on the three main categories Local. Friendly and safe.   

Photo of the Founder

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We are a reliable Cleaning Services in  Birmingham with reviews to show. From some of are customers so why don't we show you how good we are by making something of your shine contact us today by press on the contact button on the top of the page. 

Monday | Monday

10:00 to 5:30

 SAFETY is my first priority so you give me a job and i will look at the safety concerns into mind before the job and i will put the necessary precautions into place for yours and me safety so we all can go home safe at the end of the day.

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