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Outstanding Balance policy 

At JJ Cleaning Services we asks that customers are to clear all outstanding balances within 12 days from the invoices date. Which can be found in the top right hand corner of the invoices. As a missed payment is a missed wage, we will not fall victim to a loss in time or pay in any circumstance.

Here are JJ Cleaning Services we follow a 4 step procedure -

1. You will send you a courteous Reminder ones per week for 2 weeks about your outstanding balances.

2. We will then contact you by email or phone call regarding the outstanding balances whilst providing you with a deadline to clear the balances


3. JJ Cleaning Services will send you a final demand letter which informs you that you have 2 weeks to contact us or to clear the balances before legal preceding are put in places. It will also inform you that after the 2 week period has finished you will occur a late payment fee of 8% which is the legal amount we can charge every day that the payment is late.

4. The final letter you will receive from ourselves will be the small clams court documents informing you that we have opened a small clams court case on yourselves.

Last updated: December  26th 2023

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