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All About this program.

We are introducing a new cleaning program aimed at helping clean local areas that have been neglected. Because the local council don't always clean bus stops, traffic signs, parks and more this would be on a voluntary bases at no charge to anyone this is because wanted to create a more friendly looking community using high quality tools and chemicals.


We would love to see your faces at any of the cleaning location. We will post 2/3 weeks before the day to allow you to come down and lay a hand if you would like. We will using are social medial platforms linked at the top of all of are pages to let you all know what day there are.

How it works is you can apply for an area to be cleaned in your local area by filling out the application form at the bottom of this page and we will pick out one of the application and we will go out and work are magic to make the area in question look like new all for FREE.

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